A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

UNDERSCORE is an experimental narrative game project that utilises environmental exploration, advanced non-linear dialogue, and multimedia to reflect on ideas of both alienation and kinship. Through engagement with many entities across three different acts, the player has the chance to explore concepts of shared suffering, understanding, and joy. UNDERSCORE is an emotional work, pulling on personal experiences and thoughts in regards to shared feelings and shared hopes.

The work was created in an attempt to explore concepts of choice and narrative through various academic definitions and classifications of game design. Through these novel approaches to classic narrative and game design scenarios (e.g. false choice, dilemma, delayed effect, etc.), a new approach is taken to the concepts of collective emotion and individual catharsis. This dense intertwining of both puzzle and story allow the game to effectively communicate its concepts of collectiveness.

Now with controller support!

Songs used:

  1. Strangers - The Kinks
  2. In The Bleak Midwinter - Worcester Cathedral Choir
  3. Dreamland - Will Varley

Text Animator for Unity was used in the making of this project!


UNDERSCORE - Windows.zip 287 MB
UNDERSCORE - Linux.zip 286 MB

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