A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Entry for a casual 48-hr game jam hosted in April 2022, with the theme "Live fast, Die strong"

First-person dash-chaining melee combat game. Play as Icarus, who survives his encounter with death and returns to Crete to deal justice to the people who had previously imprisoned him and his father.

Defeat consecutive waves of enemies to beat the game.

WASD - move
Space - jump
Hold/Click LMB - dash attack

Owen: Environmental modeling, UI design, sound design, tutorial programming, enemy wave programming, and UI programming

Ness: Particle effects, movement programming, and enemy programming

Darius: Character modeling, animation, sound design, skybox, lighting, and post-processing


Icarus - Windows.zip 69 MB
Icarus - Mac.zip 78 MB
Icarus - Linux.zip 84 MB

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