Refurbishing and refining

Hi again friends!

I'm pretty sure that no one's reading these, and that's okay. I'm mostly doing posts for posterity. Before I take the dive into the deep and time-consuming woods that are game design and Unity, I wanted to share my aspirations for how I'm going to work on this game.

In general, I hope to somewhat closely capture some of the design and functionality elements from my prototype, while also seeing what I can build upon, and what Unity has to offer for this project. I'll be directly copying some certain scenes and design elements, but also changing some things up. I hope to completely redo the way in which I program the player choices when branching along the scene tree.

I'm not usre how frequently I'll be doing these devlog posts in the next little while, but I hope that I get a few in for big accomplishments. Your friendly neighbourhoud indie game friend,


P.S. Here are some images of a possible title screen I did up plus an example of how I'm copying certain scenes.

P.P.S. If you don't know, you can check out all the code for Arbitrium South on its GitHub page. Free software forever!

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